Read some sample testimonials from satisfied clients.

“I edit with Daren as often as I can, which will tell you pretty much all you need to know about how much I rate his abilities. He’s got it all really – fast, calm under deadlines, and an instinctive feel for what makes a great sequence in any genre of programmes.   A lovely bloke, a great editor and a pleasure to work with. ”

Guy Evans

“Daren is a pleasure to work with, good with music and narrative content and is great at calmly handling client driven input.”

Paul Olding

“Daren is a quick, resourceful editor, with a great eye and great visual memory, who is good at shaping a complex story and making a creative contribution.”

Mick Gold

“Daren is a creative, thoughtful and intelligent editor who is equally happy working collaboratively or on his own. He’s always good company too and keeps a cool head when working to tight deadlines. Daren is a pleasure to work with and his work is a pleasure to watch!”

David Warren
Series Producer/Director

“I’ve always found it a pleasure working with Daren. The enthusiasm and dedication he brings to every production is hard to find matched by anyone else in the business.”

Stuart Strickson

“Daren is an absolute joy to work with. I was going through some of the shows he has cut for me when I was putting my own showreel together. And I realised just what a fantastic editor he is and how good he made my work look. Thank you Daren, you are a star!”

“For the primetime BBC1 show Rogue Traders, Daren’s sense of pace, comedy and music were important. He excels at every type of programme. His quiet, easygoing attitude hides a real determination and commitment to be the best editor he can possibly be.”

David Street